Geography skills

The world is made up of 7 major land masses called Continents
We live in North America. Our continents includes the United States, Mexico, and Canada.
The world also has 4 major oceans that make up about 70% of our earth's surface.
The Pacific and Atlantic make up our East and West boundaries of our country.
Use the website below to help you study the location of these continents and oceans.

Check out the video clip to review more about the Continents and oceans.

Along with the oceans, the United States has many rivers that are very important to our country.

I. Columbia River
a. Makes a natural boundary between Washington & Oregon.
b. Located in the North Western Region of the U.S.
II. Colorado River
a. Makes a natural boundary between California & Arizonia
b. Located in South Western Region of the U.S.
Starts in Colorado & drains into the Pacific Ocean.
III. Rio Grande
a. Makes a natural boundary between the U.S. & Mexico.
b. Runs along the southern edge of Texas & drains into the Gulf of Mexico.
IV. Missouri River
a. Starts in the North Western Region of Montana
b. Ends in Missouri where it drains into the Mississippi River.
V. Mississippi River
a. Starts in Minnesota and continues south until it the Gulf of Mexico
b. Makes up the Western boundary of Tennessee.
c. One of the biggest forms of transportation of people & goods in our country.
VI. Ohio River.
a. Makes a natural boundary between Ohio & Kentucky.
b. Begins around Pennsylvania & continues South West & drains into the Mississippi
VII. St. Lawrence River
a. Begins in Canada & runs south along the edge of New York.

Latitude and Longitude


This coordinate grid system is used to help people find exact location of place around the world. Latitude and Longitude lines are imaginary lines that divide our world into sections called hemispheres. Check out the video clip and power point below to learn more about how it works.