5.5.4 Recognize the rights that workers fought for in the late 1800s ( i.e., wages, hours, insurance, and working conditions).

Many Immigrants were coming to America for many reasons. Check out the link below to visit Ellis Island to see the process these people went through to come to America.


Once they came to America, many went out to find a job. Factories employed the most amount of immigrants during this time. Others worked as peddlers on busy streets or in mines.

As industry grew, so did the demand for workers. Many factories hired immigrants and children to work. These factories were considered unsafe and workers were paid very little.

Check out this powerpoint to learn more about the working conditions.

Families could not afford to make ends meet so children worked in factories, mines, and on street corners peddling to help provided money for the family.

Check out the following site to see images of these children and learn a little about their working conditions.


This video clip points out the problems of children working in the factories and what caused the change to be made to end child labor.

Many workers complained about these conditions, but owners would not listen. Eventually tragedy struck. Check out the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory and how this help lead workers to demand change.


Workers were ready to fight back and see change in the work place. Check out the page below to see what rights they were demanding.

Unions worked together to gain these rights. One tool they used were by strikes. The problem with this was the violence that can follow with strikes.


Many workers worked to form labor unions to help fight for rights. Samuel Gompers helped form the AFL. Many workers used strikes to help fight for their rights.