5.5.8 Recognize people who contributed to reform in Tennessee and American society (i.e. Samuel Gompers, Jane Addams, Martin Luther King Jr., Gov. Austin Peay, Anne Dallas Dudley.

Samuel Gompers- Helped immigrants and factory workers with the formation of Labor Unions. Created the American Federation of Labor to fight for better, wages, shorter hours, and better working conditions.

Jane Addams- Helped immigrants and poor. Open up a settlement house (Hull House) to help people in need. Provided assistance in getting a job and help immigrants learn to speak English. The settlement house also help provide child care for immigrants.

jane-addams.gifCheck out the video below to find out how Jane Addams helped others.


Governor Austin Peay- Governor 1923- 1927. Improved the road system in TN with 4,000 miles of paved roads. Reorganized state government to be more efficient. Passed legislation to guarantee 8 month school year. Passed legislation to make it illegal to teach evolution (Scopes monkey trial). Died in office 1927. You can go to the following site to learn more about Peay's life and what he did for the state of Tennessee: http://www.apsu.edu/about-apsu/austin-peay


Anne Dallas Dudley- Wealthy Nashville woman that help organize efforts to fight for women's suffrage movement to gain the right to vote in Tennessee. The image below circulated across the country during the suffrage movement to say that this movement was not brought about by just feminist but for all women who wanted to the right to vote. Her efforts paid off with the passing of the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote.
Check out the following video about Women's movement.

Check out the following clip to learn more about Anne Dallas Dudley: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJXWRZI8Wsw

Social Studies assignment: Use the information above to create a flip book of these reform leaders. Write a paragraph explaining which reform leader you feel made the greatest contribution for change of our culture during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Make sure you include valid reasons for your decisions. Explain how their efforts still impact our culture and society today. This assignment is due December 6th.