During the late 1800s, many new inventions were created that brought a huge change within our culture.
The Bessemer process helped to make steel cheaper. People wanted steel because it was so much stronger.
This led to the beginning of the skyscraper. Now cities expand upward if space was not available to expand.

Along with skyscrapers, elevators were created to help people and goods go up and down these skyscrapers.
Suspension bridges changed our transportation by allowing railroads and vehicles go across rivers and cannons.

John D. Rockefeller was the leader in the oil business. He was the first to refine oil to make kerosene for lamps before electric light was made. After Edison developed electric light, Rockefeller shifted his efforts of using oil for gasoline that is used in cars. Instead of being a smart business person, many people saw Rockefeller as being very greedy with his business practices. Standard Oil was considered a monopoly during the late 1800s which is reflected in the political cartoon below.

Most of these industries and business leaders would not have been able to do what they did if it wasn't for the work of people that helped with the Industrial Revolution. Check out the video clip below to help see it helped.