Many immigrants looked to the United States as the Land of Opportunity. Before an immigrant could start their new life, they had to enter a processing station.

Having good transportation and access to train and water ways helped to contribute to the appeal of immigrants to move into these areas.

The United States had two stations that immigrants went to in order to process these people citizenship. Ellis Island was the place that many entered that came from Europe. Angel Island was created to process immigrants coming from Asia and the Pacific. Open up the document below and click on the links to find out more about these processing stations and what the immigrants went through while they stayed there.

Reasons for coming to America.

Where they were coming from.

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Click on the link below to see an interactive map of immigrants coming to America over the last two centuries.

Click on the following link to learn more about the immigrants from Ellis Island.

Click on the following link to learn more about the immigrants from Angel Island.

As immigrants came to America,many began their new lives in some of the major cities in the country. Some of the cities that saw tremendous growth as a result of the large amount of immigrants were New York City, Chicago, and San Francisco. broadwayomnibuses.jpg 4a18586u21.jpg

Check out the pictures above that shows the city streets of New York City that were filled with people in the late 1800s.

Along with growth comes many problems for people and leaders of the cities.

Check out the power point below to see what kind of problems these people faced during urbanization of these areas.

Even though politicians are suppose to help the people they are serving, many felt this was an opportunity for them to gain power and money during this time.

Political machines- organization of people who controlled votes by saying to immigrants that they would help with their needs, but in the end, they only worked to fulfill their own needs instead.

Along with bad points of urbanization, good things came it as well. Skyscrapers, suspension bridges, and subway transportation were all created to meet the needs of massive growth. These items are still a major impact in our lives today.