Many events happened during the early 1800s that caused the North and South to grow apart and eventually go to war. Continue through the page to find out more about these events.

1820 Missouri Compromise
Before this time, the country had a equal balance of power with 11 free & 11 slave states. When Missouri asked for statehood, they wanted to come in as a slave state. Watch the video clip below to learn more about how a compromised was reached.

1850- Compromise of 1850The Missouri compromise only lasted 30 years before the balance of power became an issue. It started with a large majority of people [[#|moving]] into California which caused many to apply for statehood. This brought the issue of slavery & power unbalanced. Watch the video clip to learn more.

Harriet Beecher Stowe & Uncle Tom's Cabin

1854- Kansas Nebraska Act. Once more territories were becoming more populated, people wanted the territory to be able to join the U.S. as a state. The question of slavery loomed over the area of Kansas and whether it should be free or slave. Stephen Douglass suggested that the people decide. Many people from both sides came to make the state either free or slave. Fighting broke out often causing the area to be called "Bleeding Kansas"

Check out the clip below to learn more.

1857- Dred Scott Decision A slave named Dred Scott was owned by a man from Missouri. Over time, the man moved to the state of Wisconsin which was a free state at the time. The owner moved back to Missouri, taking Scott with him. The owner died while living in Missouri. Scott claimed he was now a free man. Watch the clip to see the outcome.

1960- Presidential election. 4 men decided to run for President. The two front runners were Stephen Douglas and Abraham Lincoln. Many southerns felt that if Lincoln won, he would end slavery. When Lincoln did win, many southerners decided this was the last straw and wanted to leave the union.