Analyze how environmental changes and crisis affected the economy across the nation in the 1930's (Dust Bowl)

America went through hard times as a result of the Stock Market crashing and failure of many banks and other businesses. Another crisis that brought the country to it's knees was the Dust bowl. Areas of Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico were the hardest hit by these storms.
Layers of top soil dried up due to the lack of rain. Many years of over-plowing hurt the land and leaving it hard to stay in place without nutrients. Strong winds soon carried the soil across the country. These became dust storm.
Check out the video clip below to see how far these storms carried the dirt and it's impact on people living in the area.

Many farmers in this area were use to the drought, but they had never experienced anything like this.
dustbowl1.jpgMany farmers had no choice but to pack up from their homes and move. Many traveled West, but they did not receive a warm welcome.
Check out the following video to see what it was like to hit the road to make a new start.