Certain events that happened in the early half of the 1800s that continued to cause the North and South to grow apart.
Use the power [[#|points]] to help your learn more about some of these events that led to the war.
. Missouri Compromise

Compromise of 1850
Kansas Nebraska Act

Check out the video clip below to learn more about Abolitionist John Brown and his raid on Harper's Ferry.
00000499.jpgThe image to the left represents Brooks attack on Sumner. In 1856 Senator Charles Sumner gave a speech against all of the bad things happening in Kansas. Senator Preston Brooks took offense and decided to beat Sumner with a cane. It took 3 years for Sumner to recover and angered many Northerners.

Use the maps and charts below to help you answer the questions that follow. You can also use the website above to help you in answering your questions.
Picture_2.pngThis chart [[#|points]]
out the resources that each region had available right before the Civil War. Based upon this chart, Which region had the better advantage?
Picture_3.png This map shows the South's huge dependence upon slaves for profit in the region.
Picture_5.pngBased upon this map of railroads, how much of an influence does this have to either region before the war? Explain why you think this way and provide an example of how it would influence. How do you think this will affect the regions during the Civil war?

Even though each map and graph shows that the Union has a major disadvantage, the Confederacy fought against them 4 years.