5.11 Explain the significance and outcome of the major battles and identify their location on a map or visual representation including:
  • Fort Sumter (1861)
  • First Battle of the Bull Run (1861)
  • Fort Henry and Donelson (1862)
  • Shiloh (1862)
  • Antietam (1862)
  • Gettysburg (1863)
  • Vicksburg (1863)
  • Chickamauga (1863)
  • Franklin (1864)
  • Nashville (1865)
  • Appomattox Court House (1865)

The Civil War lasted 4 years and had the largest amount of casualties than any other wars ever fought in American history.

Check out some of the battles that occurred throughout the war. As you read, make sure to point out the outcome of each battle, the people involved and how it impacted the war.

Fort Sumter

Check out the video clip about the battle of Fort Sumter. Use page 75-77 in your text book to help you gather information about this event.

Check out the video clip below to help provide a visual of the battle.

Fort Henry and Fort Donelson

Both of these forts were located by rivers in Tennessee which would provide a major advantage for the side that controlled its passage. Read pages 14 & 15 of the Tennessee magazine to find out about the outcome of Fort Henry and Fort Donelson.

Now that you have read the passage, click on the link below and read a second text about the battle of Fort Donelson.

List key details from both text and compare and contrast each of the structures. Which one provides more details? What type of structure is each text?

Battle of Antietam

General Lee felt it was time to move his troops north in September of 1862 hoping to be on the offensive and try to provide that the Confederacy could be strong. Click on the links to learn more about the battle and its outcome.

Battle of Shiloh

This was a fierce two day battle fought in April of 1862 near a church in the Southwestern part of Tennessee. Union general Ulysses S. Grant led his troops against the Confederate army led by General Johnston and P.G.T. Beauregard. Click on the links below to learn more about this battle.

In 1863 & 1864, both

sides fought in many tough battles that brought victories to both the Union and Confederate. Check out the links below to learn more about these battles.

Two key battles took place in the summer of 1863 that would change the tide and bring victory to the Union.

Lee decided to enter Union territory and marched his troops into Gettysburg Pennsylvania. Both sides battled

for 3 days. Check out the video clip to find out the outcome.
Both sides lost many lives within that 3 day battle, but the South seemed to lose momentum and could not get it back because of the many casualties.

Battle of Vicksburg

After a string of Union leaders that didn't seem to get the job done, Lincoln had finally found the right fit with General Ulysses Grant. Grant ,with the help of his troops, fought for 48 days to help defeat the confederates and gain control of the Mississippi.

jb_nation_grant_1_m.jpgGrant along with the help of William T. Shermangeneral-william-tecumseh-sherman.jpg Helped to bring down the Confederacy. Check out the animated map of battles between 1863- 1865 & how it impacted the North and South.


Battle of Chickamauga


The South won the battle, but Chickamauga is often referred to as the “death-knell” of the Confederacy.

Bragg’s decisive victory at Chickamauga came at a high cost, with more than 20 percent of his forces killed or wounded, including 10 generals. Instead of pressing his advantage after the victory, Bragg allowed the Federals to safely reach Chattanooga, intending to secure the heights around the city and lay siege to Union forces. When Ulysses S. Grant’s reinforcements arrived that fall, they drove the Confederates from the region. With Chattanooga secure, Sherman used the city as a base for his campaign against Atlanta in 1864.

Battle of Franklin


Battle of Nashville


Check out the website below to learn more interesting facts about the battles above as well as other battles that took place during the Civil War.