While the Civil War was going on, the country was using technology in the form of railroad to change our country and move more Americans west. Check out the videos below about the Transcontinental Railroad and the impact it had on our nation.
Check out the website below to understand the importance of the Transcontinental railroad and how it impacted

http://www.history.com/topics/inventions/transcontinental-railroad - (Explains the Transcontinental Railroad, building it and its impacts on the country during Westward Expansion.

Many of the workers involved in building the railroad were immigrants. Chinese and Irish immigrants worked to make this railroad come to life. Check out the clips about these workers and what they had to endure to build this railroad.

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The Homestead act of 1862 influenced a lot of people to move out west for a new start.
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The Great Plains Settlers looked to this area as a new opportunity for a better life. Settlers soon found out that it was easy living in this area.
Check out the power point that explains the and the technology created to over come the hardships.

Check out the page to learn about the hardships the settlers faced.
The power point below shows the connection of the hardships to the inventions that were created to help overcome these t

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Look at the images of the Great Plain Settlers and their sod homes. Use these images to help you with your writing assignment. The assignment is due November 17th. Settlers.jpgSettlers1880sCusterCo.,NebraskaCourtesyNebraskaStateHistoricalSociety.jpgc079r.jpg

Native Americans

Native Americans were not happy about all of the Westward expansion and changes that were taking place during this time. Groups such as the Lakota, Cheyenne, and Crow tried to work with the government by forming treaties for peace in return for land. As time went by and the discovery of gold was found in areas that belonged to the Native Americans, tension grew between the settlers and the Native Americans.
Check out the video clips below to get a better understanding of the problems that arose for the Native Americans as a result of Westward Expansion.

The military were stationed in the Great Plains to help protect the settlers and their rights to the area against the Native Americans. One military group that was involved in much of the conflict was the Buffalo Soldier unit. These men were a group of African American soldiers stationed in these areas to help in the conflict. Read the following passage to learn more about this group.

George Jordan was one of the Buffalo Soldiers that was a native to Tennessee. Read the following to find out more about his contribution to the efforts to keep peace in the West.